1936-1949 Cadillac & LaSalle Starter Rebuilding Service

1936-1949 Cadillac & LaSalle Starter Rebuilding Service
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1936-1949 Cadillac & LaSalle 6 Volt Starter Rebuilding Service;

This Cadillac & LaSalle Starter Rebuilding Service outlines our premium rebuilding service covering almost every component in your starter.

There are instances when a full rebuild may not be required depending on your restoration or situation. One of the first things we like to know is the type of problem you may be experiencing with your starter, for example, hard or slow starting when hot, etc. This information better helps identify the problem and ensure that the issue is really a starter problem. We encourage you to call us to discuss your particular situation this allows us to customize a repair for your Cadillac & LaSalle.

If You Should Have Question About Our 1936-1949 Cadillac & LaSalle Starter Rebuilding Service Please call us at 609-462-7412


Each starter is completely disassembled and inspected to ensure that it is a rebuildable starter and that it complies with the base rebuilding service.

Our inspection and testing includes examining the following; solenoid, drive gear, fields & magnets, armature, brushes & springs, thrust-plate and nose bushings. The entire starter is carefully degreased & cleaned and reassembled at completion.

Armature Brushes and springs replaced

Thrust-plate and nose bushing replaced New American Made Starter Drive Installed

6 volt Solenoid rebuilt

6 volt high torque fields and posted installed

Armature is tested for short circuits, commutator is cut.**

Motor dust band replaced New Rubber Solenoid boot installed

Motor case is beaded blasted and finished with high quality GM gloss black ***

Solenoid is adjusted and starter is bench tested

Ship Your 1936-1949 Cadillac or LaSalle Starter To:

MY CLASSIC CAR TRADER, LLC 312 Prospect Ave Sicklerville, NJ 08081 609-462-7412

Be sure to pack and protect your starter well during shipping to insure that it arrives undamaged. We highly recommend insuring your package against damaged.

**Generally we find that most armatures “ok” and there is no need to be replaced. If you want to have the armature replaced we can provide that at an additional cost.

***Painting can be eliminated if you prefer to paint your pump yourself.

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