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My Classic Car Trader specializes in rebuilding single and double action mechanical fuel pumps used on classic and antique cars from 1927 to 1970.

If you are unable to take advantage of our fuel pump rebuilding service we have thousands of fuel pump cores in stock to offer fro sale should your fuel pump be damaged or missing from your car.

We offer single action fuel pumps and double action fuel pumps for classic and antique cars, trucks, tractors, industrial, and boats. We carry AC fuel pums, Airtex fuel pumps, Blackstone fuel pumps,and Carter fuel pumps.

We only use American made components and modern materials compatible with todays fuels. Our Diaphragms are made to our specifications and are one of the thickness and most durable in the classic and antique car industry.

Each fuel pump is disassembled,degreased and cleaned, bead blasted,and painted with a high quality gas resistant die-cast color paint and re-assembled with new fillister heads screws. Rebuiling service includes new mouting gasket and Free shipping anywhere in the Contitenta US.

Each Fuel Pump will recieve new diaphram(s), valve & valve gaskets, oil seal and retainers.

We offer quick turn-around time along with a 1 year warranty.

Call us at 609-462-7412 for pricing and availability



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