6 Volt electyric Fuel Pump- Low Pressure Delivery- Negitive or Postive Ground Applications

6 Volt electyric Fuel Pump- Low Pressure Delivery- Negitive or Postive Ground Applications
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Product Description

My Classic Car Trader, LLC

Our 6 Volt Electric fuel pump is specifically designed to work with early up-flow carburetors suck as Stromberg, Carter, Tillotson, Zenith, Marvel and Schebler that require low pressure fuel deliver between 2lb-4lb. It can be used in conjunction with your mechanical fuel pump or as a standalone unit. It can also be wired negative or positive ground depending on your cars electrical systems.

Many of today’s electric fuel pump are designed with higher pressure and when used with updraft carburetors cause flooding and stalling. This fuel pump will eliminate this problem as long as your carburetor needle valve and float are in good working order.

This fuel pump can also be used on cars with Stewart Vacuum Tanks and offers a good option for priming the fuel systems during long storage periods.

In addition to updraft carburetors this fuel pump can be used with downdraft carburetors on later cars to provide a backup source should your mechanical fuel pump fail, a vapor lock condition or just as a priming method during long periods of storage. The priming option is a good way to eliminate battery drain on volt cranking system when trying to start your car. You can simply flip your electric fuel pump on to bring gas quickly to the engine fuel pump and carburetor and shut it off once the car is running. I personally use this fuel pump on all my early antique cars.

The fuel pump kit comes with fuel pump and in-line filter, 2 wire connectors, 2-5/16" hoses pieces, 4-clamps, mounting bracket, bolt, nut and lock washer, and 2- 5/16" hoses adapters. The fuel pump is compact and can be easily installed to the frame rail between the gas tank and engine fuel pump. The price is $79.99 which includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

We highly recommend installing a shut off switch with a 20 amp fuse using 12 gauge wire (to pump) under the dash in a easily accessible location. These parts are not included with the fuel pump kit.

Should you have any questions or require some technical advice please feel free to call use at 609-462-7412