1929--1972  Classic & Antique Car Carburetor Rebuilding Service
My Classic Car Trader provides carburetor rebuilding for Classic and Antique cars from 1929-1972. We always recommend rebuilding the customer’s OEM carburetor before replacement. This helps eliminate many problems and technical difficulties now and that may arise later when reinstalling the carburetor. Additionally rebuilding your OEM carburetor eliminates the cost of purchasing a “carburetor core”. Should your OEM carburetor be missing parts or be damaged there is a good possibility that we can repair or replace the broken part from our extensive inventory of carburetor cores and parts thereby saving you money.

With over 30+ years of carburetor rebuilding experience behind us and with experienced technicians that worked on many of these cars when they were new, this is us a big edge over many other carburetor rebuilders. All of our work is completed here in the USA with good old fashion Amercian craftsmanship. Our carburetor kits are compatible with today’s fuels to assist in keeping your Classic & Antique car performing well for years to come.

When servicing your carburetor one of the first questions we ask “what types of problems are experiencing with your carburetor”…. Knowing this will help us locate and certainly fix the problem. Any carburetor shop can rebuild a carburetor…. Fixing the problem can be another issues.

We rebuild carburetors for Classic & Antique Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Forklifts and Boats. We rebuild updraft and downdraft carburetors for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, Plymouth, Pontiac, Packard, Hudson, Willy’s, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, Lincoln, Mercury, Jeep, International, and Volkswagen. The carburetor brands that we remanufacture include Stromberg, Carter, Rochester, Holly, Motorcraft, Solex, Schebler and Tilostson. We have an extensive inventory of cores, so the chances are great that we have the carburetor you need.

If you don’t see your car or carburetor listed above please call us at 609-462-7412 to discuss your particular needs. We always offer free technical advice for your classic and antique car project or restoration. We would love to hear about your project call us today at 609-462-7412